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Spring Session Book Club: Virtual Book Clubs Near Me

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

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Spring time has been a busy season and it is the first season for Dribble Publishing Company’s Book Club. A virtual book clubs near me community. The book clubs will begin as a forum for Dribble Publishing Company to share what we have read and what we are currently reading for each season. Spring Book Club for reading has been slow as we are committed to getting Dribble Publishing Company on its feet but the list of what we’re reading is quite extensive. So be sure to pick up your copies of what we are reading to see our insights in the Summer Book Club session. Our hope for the book club is that it grows into a monthly session that is more interactive with our artists and community. If you have any suggestions for what you have always wanted to see in a book club drop them in the comments section. As our book club sessions evolve, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to hear about all of the exciting things to come!

What We’ve Read

We are definitely behind on getting to this book but can truly say what a delightful addition to the Suzanne Collins series. She did it again! We finished this book in less than a week, which for us is quick during this busy time of year. Every time we read a new chapter it gave us reminders of what we read previously and spoke to the beautiful connections the author made to help paint the picture of how the Hunger Games began. The characters are so well defined and their true colors really show through as the story unfolds.

And to top it all of it is perfectly timed with the announcement of the new movie. So not only did we get to read a great book but we were also able to watch the trailer for the new movie. We love the various call backs you find in the trailer to the books, really great to see those ties happening and makes us very excited to see the film!

If you haven’t read the Hunger Games series, I would highly recommend it. It is a captivating series. Bonus piece is that it has great film adaptations so I would encourage you to begin reading so you can also watch all of the movies once the new one is released.

It did leave us wondering about the continued evolution of President Snow and how he came to be such a powerful political figure. So is it possible that another book chronicling that journey is coming? We don’t know but we can hope!

What We’re Reading

The E Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber

First impressions are that it is super interesting to learn about the three business personalities and how recognizing each one's role in the entrepreneurial process is critical. Only half way through this book and still have a lot to learn.

LLC Beginner’s Guide 2023 by Steven Carlson

While not necessarily a fun read, still a good read. From all of our planning and research before embarking on this LLC process we likely would have benefited from reading this prior to creating our LLC instead of after. So if you haven’t yet formed your LLC and haven’t started down the research rabbit hole this is a good book to get those initial questions answered.

Along the same lines as the How to Start an LLC book not the most interesting and fun read, but very, very helpful. What a long list! It does a fantastic job of outlining what may and may not apply to you and what to watch out for, the book identifies those as “red flags”. Definitely worth a read and we know that we will be constantly using this resource as we build our business. Always a good thing to begin thinking about at the beginning of your business journey instead of right at tax time. Would highly recommend for new business owners!

On Our Bookshelf

The Nuclear Effect by Scott Oldford

Amazon always has an incredible selection of business & finance books so be sure to check out their best sellers.

Dribble Publishing Book Club Stickers

We need your help! For our future virtual book clubs near me sessions we would like to give our favorites a virtual book club sticker to mark our seal of approval. We want the sticker to speak to the essence of book lovers everywhere and denote which books our artists and community would recommend to help open worlds! Vote on your favorite in the comments section or using the poll feature below.

Which book club sticker do you like the best?

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