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How To Make Digital Planners That Sell!

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

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Dribble Publishing Company has created several planners and to do lists. We are a team that loves to plan! Our planners are unique in that they offer specific, guided questions to help ensure that you’ve thought of every possible need for your event, trip, etc. Naturally, after we published our paperback planners we instantly thought of how our users may need a digital copy. It was difficult to piece together from various blog posts and how to’s online exactly what was needed to create a digital planner so we’ve decided to compile everything we’ve learned here.

A fillable digital planner to help plan your next big party

Develop Digital Planner Content

  1. Now the fun part…what do you want your digital planner to be about? One way to pick a topic is to search on Etsy for digital planners that are already selling well or for those keywords that pop up that may be in a smaller niche. Either way, you want to make sure you can generate 15-20 pages of reusable, unique content.

  2. I used Canva when developing my digital planner. If you have a pro subscription, I would highly recommend using the filter function and only using those free elements. You want to make sure that your font is free and does not have any limitations on its use. So once you find 1 or 2 fonts that you like you will want to do a google search to make sure they are for public use and there are no restrictions. Another tip for using Canva is to make sure that you are not using the templates as is and are actually generating your own, unique content. A good rule of thumb for avoiding copyright infringement issues is to change at least 30% of the original design, but not only changing the colors but making substantive changes to the content and design.

  3. When creating your planner, make note of how large the spaces are for where folks will be entering text. When you get to the stage of outlining your text boxes you will want to ensure that people have enough room to write and you, the designer, have a enough space to create the text boxes. We like using the shape element in Canva to help with this after providing a prompt.

  1. Download to pdf

    1. You will want to make sure that the person that downloads your file can fill in the text boxes but can’t change the actual content of your file. I would also encourage you to include a copyright at the bottom of each page or include an introductory page that includes your company name and copyright information.

  2. Compress pdf

    1. This is important if you are using PDFescape because there are size limits for files.

  3. Create text boxes and check boxes using PDFescape. Be very careful! If you double click, unclick, or move your cursor carelessly you may find yourself starting from scratch on your PDF.

  4. Save file and open in pdf reader to ensure it looks correct.

  5. Some folks recommend putting it into google slideshow which works well for GoodNotes but if people have adobe you can sell it is a digital download pdf.

  6. Listing on Etsy

    1. Include at least two pages that describe what happens when someone buys your digital planner. Such as it will be an instant download with a fillable pdf. It is not to be shared or printed.

    2. Must include your digital file!

    3. Complete keyword research and use those when drafting your description.

  7. Advertising

    1. Pinterest and Instagram - Suggest making ads using Canva or another platform like Adobe Express to advertise your new digital product. Recommend posting from your business account and not your personal account to help grow your business’s following. A helpful resource to schedule your posts is to use Tailwind. It is a great tool to make sure you are posting during the various platform’s prime time to have the furthest reach to your potential buyers. Tailwind offers multiple tiers of membership including a free program.

    2. Etsy Ads - Depending on your budget, you may want to consider using Etsy Ads which are a pay-per-click advertising. You set the number of listings and your daily budget on the Etsy Seller app.

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